Jake O'Donnell is a young photographer and artist currently based in Melbourne, Australia. He is known for specialising in men's fitness/beauty and fashion photography.

Jake regularly travels between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to collaborate with a range of Australian based brands and models, as well as overseas based clients which have seen him work on campaigns in Thailand and the United States across the 2019 year with additional work in Europe lined up for 2020.


Through his early education, Jake had aspirations to become a writer, until the advent of Instagram coincided with his exploration of photography as an art medium at the end of high school. This presented the perfectly timed opportunity- to enter a career path that was completely creatively fulfilling, but also real world career opportunities for creatives who were able to innovate in this new scene; one that created a greater demand for skilled content creators than ever before.


Graduating from Haileybury College in 2014, Jake went on to exhibit his works from the previous year at 'Start Up: Top Arts 2014' at the National Gallery of Victoria whilst commencing an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts at the University off Melbourne. Eventually his growing client base and social media platforms encouraged a more commercially orientated practice. Jake then transferred to RMIT to complete a Bachelor's degree of photography from which he graduated in 2018 with Distinction. Since graduation Jake has continued to expand and network with a range of brands and has begun to foray m ore heavily into model scouting where he is able to use his large platform to help discover and launch new talent.


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