Updates and happy holidays!

First of all! Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is set for a stellar holiday. I just wanted to apologise for the slow posting over the past couple of weeks. December is the busiest month for me commercially so I haven’t really done any shoots which produce content cheeky enough to put here, unless you guys are happy to see ordinary behind the scenes stuff? Let me know in the comments. When I have done cheeky shoots, the model hasn’t always consented to me posting the content here and it’s important that I respect everyone I work with, but I didn’t want to bore you with filler content in the meantime.

This isn’t like an onlyfans with the consistency of daily posts from somebody because they produce the content themselves, in my circumstances in will come in big bursts when I do have cheeky shoots, there will be little quiet periods between times of such shoots that may be booked at the start or end of a month, but not in-between. I’ll try to space it out better. And also I’m getting submissions from models that no one else gets to see, to release here for you all, even if they weren’t created on shoot directly, but in the lead up, or aftermath.

But because of all your amazing support for which I am very grateful, I’ve been able to purchase some lighting equipment now that I have graduated and need my own, so the content I’m making at the moment is of an elevated quality and I’m so excited to tackle some new projects with all the new boys I’ve meet in the past couple of weeks! Happy holidays to you all, and enjoy the new content x

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