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Here Cooper was showing off the poems that he has tattooed along the back of his hamstrings, when I had noticed them on the shoot and asked what they were about. He told me to read them and let him know what I thought. Unfortunately because the room was so dark and this was done in the moment, I was unable to get the words in sharp enough focus to read, due to the wide aperture required to expose the image in such a dim room. But the basic essence of the words detail on being inside a woman so intimately that his and her bodies become one. The verses compliment the line art which covers his lower right leg, which features two people having sex. You can examine his legs more closely on his onlyfans at (for those curious about his onlyfans, I discovered during a long discussion on this shoot that he hasn't posted for a while because he thought sex videos where the only thing he should be posting and seeing as he has been unable to find a cooperative partner and didn't want wanking videos to be repetitive, the felt stuck. I've explained to him how to have more creative approaches to content which show off his body in ways that aren't so dependant on others and he is excited to try these ideas out. I will provide updates when he intends to launch some new stuff!)

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