Josh and Britt

Hey guys! The new video featuring Josh and Britt is now live! Josh is my new discovery, I came across him in the Strawberry festival photos and reached out to him and he asked if we could have a coffee and the meeting went so well that we went out to shoot straight away and the rest is history. It’s only been about 2-3 weeks but he has brought the fire every single time. Brittney originally came down to Melbourne to do some onlyfans content and though we had been doing couples shoots with Kaia and the content and chemistry were good, he was more interested in keeping his Instagram clean, so when it came to some saucier work, I put the idea to Josh. Little did Britt and I know that he is not as innocent as he seemed. The chemistry was absolutely electric between them and he wasn’t shy to do anything as you can see above. After the shoot he was on a high, asking us a range of questions about onlyfans and now that he realises he enjoys all of it, he is planning to give it a go. He has not yet made the page because he is still getting his head wrapped around all the new aspects of the social media world, but he has started up a twitter to experiment with playing with new styles of content, financial domination and special requests which you can find here:

Enjoy this preview of an upcoming Instagram release which he has told me is one of his favourite images so far, while I wait for the timed release of the more explicit content between the three of us. I see big things in the future for Josh and he is definitely shaping up to be one of my main new boys, I hope you like him as much as I do! His wild enthusiasm and goofy personality make him a pleasure to work with.

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