Hey guys! Hope you are all well, just thought I would say hello and give you a little update on how things are going. firstly, my apologies for slow replies to any emails. As many of you will know I'm currently on an island off the coast of Thailand shooting for Box Menswear with about 17 influencers, many of whom you will already know and love.

I have stacked up heaps of content of their cheeky and hilarious exploits throughout the time at the villa to release to you all, bringing you some new face and familiar ones too. Due to being here I've been extremely busy an out of contact for the most part. One of my hard drives has also stopped reading which has me very stressed, I return to australia the morning of the 13th, so I'm going to take it to a repair place to get the content off it and from then on I will be able to release it no worries.

A little bit of news though... I know many many of you have been requesting some content with Josh Ivory. Originally he wasn't keen, but he happened to be on this island at the same time as me by coincidence on his way home from the UK, so I invited him around to the villa. After meeting the boys and hearing their stories, he realised what he was missing out on... so Josh has now started an onlyfans which you can find here:! The more support he gets, the cheekier he is willing to be!

To kick things off, we spent some time in the penthouse today with Josh_UK who many of you will have seen in my previous posts, and we got some cheeky shoots together, including Josh's birthday suit debut in the shower. I'm about to upload a teaser video behind the scenes now to tide you over until I have had time to process the camera content. Until then, enjoy!

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